Each year thousands of women in Puerto Rico struggle with an unplanned pregnancy and yet they do not have a Pregnancy Resources Center available to help them understand all of her options and the potential risks they may encounter with their choices.  We will empower women and families to make healthy life decisions.

She needs much more than a test. We know that knowledge is the key for her to make an informed decision. Therefore we are committed to offer:

~ Accurate and relevant information on all options

~ Someone to talk to confidentially right away

~ Someone who will listen and answer her questions

~ Someone to care about her and understand what she is facing

~ Time to explore her options and make a fully informed decision

Initial services:

Her first best step is to find out if she is truly pregnant, then she can begin to take control of her reality.

All of the following services are confidential and at no charge:

1. Pregnancy Tests

2. Limited Ultrasounds – to confirm a positive test

3. Education on all Pregnancy Options – Abortion, Adoption & Parenting

Parenting and Life Coaching Services:

We understand that parents need to be prepared for their new arrival by having essential items including diapers, baby clothes, car seats and cribs. In our Parenting programs we help parents acquire these valuable resources by earning points they can spend in our free boutique. They earn the points by taking Life Skill classes like:

~ Prenatal Care

~ Parenting

~ Healthy Relationships

~ Infant CPR

~ Breastfeeding

~ Financial Freedom

~ Car seat safety

~ Childbirth Preparation

Other Services

We are also looking into offering:

~ Medical Referrals

~ Medicaid Application Assistance

~ After Abortion Support Groups

~ Community Referrals

Church and Women’s Soul Care:

    We fully understand that a woman choosing life is just one step, and our hope is that she would be able to receive True Life in Christ. All of the programs we will offer will be Gospel centered and point to true transformational Life in Christ. One of the most important parts of our Vision is to empower the local Church body to minister to these women and their families during the uncertain time of facing an unplanned pregnancy.  We will accomplish this task by offering:

~ Volunteer training on crisis pregnancy ministry

~ Pro-life seminars and speaking engagement

~ Opportunity to volunteer and minister to these women and their families in the Center.

~ Mobilizing local believers to be available to assist women in need

~ Offering Bible Study through Local Churches

~ Offering Post abortion Healing Bible Study (through Local Churches).