Cree Woman's Care
We are so excited to announce the location of our NEW CENTER!!! Our new center in Bayamon is located next door to two busy abortion clinics. Pray over the next month for the following
1) Remodel ~ We need to move some walls, paint, and decorate this center
2) Permits ~ We hired a person to get our permits for us (which is a hard thing in Puerto Rico) Pray for all to go smoothly
3) Training ~ Daisy will begin training volunteers over the next 2 months. We need to find a sonogram tech and the right workers for the harvest. Pray that we would have spirit led discernment when screening and leading volunteers.
4) Financial Need ~ We are looking for approx $3000 for the remodel and $3000 for the furniture. If you can help with those costs you can click the donate button to give and designate that gift toward the remodel or furniture.
5) Supplies ~ Can you help by purchasing supplies and shipping them to us? We need the following
~ Ipads (2 to show videos to clients),
~ Pregnancy Tests
~ Literature
~ Computers (2 for staff to keep records)
~ Printer 

See some pictures of the center below and please pray and share this with people who may want to join this work! We are in it for LIFE, not just the childs life but the also TRUE life for all who walk through our doors found in our savior!

Joseph Pardo
Executive Director of Love the Nations